I work as an IT manager for a non-profit that supports individuals and families living with intellectual disabilities and individuals in need of foster care and adoption services in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

I also have my own business, AbilityFocus Technology Solutions, that provides IT consulting services and internet presence management.

I have been employed full time in information technology since 1993. I was first exposed to computers in 1988. My brother Bill mentored me in learning about computer hardware, software and PC management. Even now 24 years later he is my go to guy when I have challenging questions or need a sounding board.

I am specifically interested in non-profit technology management. Technology allows nonprofits to work with greater social impact. The challenge that we technology professionals have is to drive our organizations forward with limited resources. This means we need to be creative and innovative. Every day is a challenge and I love that. I go to work every day knowing I am doing some good for others and doing something I love.